Monday, November 23, 2009

God or Google: Big G or Little g?

God or Google: Big G or Little g?

Exodus 20.3

"You shall have no other gods before me."

In our quest for information in today's society, search engines like Bing and Google have become our best friends. Facebook and Twitter are how we keep up with our friends, family, and colleagues. Amazon and E-bay are how we make many of our purchases and business transactions. These conveniences can even allow us to go an entire day without speaking to a single soul, yet completing our work, cultivating our social life, and creating our recreation.

I have found as a Christian, it is easy to stray away from the faith considering such conveniences in my own life. It is one thing to look up a Bible verse on or read a devotional from or even listen to a sermon on But it is another thing entirely to grow in the word of the Lord, fellowship with others and get the real insight needed to encounter life transformation.

For instance, I could put in a topic like, "failure to launch" and receive numerous articles on the subject. I may even find Christian literature to read on this matter. However, everyone's life is different and not transferable to my situation. It is not going to give me the answers to the real questions I need addressed. Why am I here? What brought me to this place? How can I get there? Is a deferment a failure? After all this, does God still have a purpose for my life?

These are real concerns, but the truth is, Google, Bing and Yahoo cannot respond as needed. It is the God of lights that knows all and sees all. Those engines may attempt to be a temporary god, but their fulfillment is easy and takes no real meditation on the word of God.

Before visiting my alma mater this past weekend, I prayed that God would use me in some way. Teach me as He had on this beloved campus. Illuminate Fisk in my eyes like I have never experienced. He is a God of His word, and as my husband and I wandered about the grounds, He did just that. There were so many I connected with from college who seemed to be grasping for air, trying to obtain understanding concerning their present disposition. Not where they want to be and needing hope, like myself. Needing encouragement once again, like myself. The truth is none of the afore mentioned sites could obviously reach those needs adequately. Oh, I hear what you're saying. "I know googling my troubles won't really help me." And I believe you know that too. I just believe we would try anything when we can't see our way. I just wanted to remind everyone reading this that the true and living God is still imparting great truths regarding our lives. He knows your disappointment and has a message for you. Put no God before Him, ever!

N0 matter how lonely you are, jobless you are, broken you are, hopeless you feel, damaged you seem, under qualified, overqualified, spouseless, childless, or even faithless, God will restore you. Spend more time on God. No matter how big the "g" gets in Google, it will never be as big as the "G" in God! Allow Him to be your favorite search engine again. You'll be surprised at what you already know!

~In Christ,

Caarne White

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